Web Design Services

Save costs!

You will purchase a web domain (usually $12-30 per year), but you do not have to pay for web hosting anymore! Google Sites also does not require a subscription, does not have a maximum viewer count, and does not require you to purchase cloud storage to run your site!

CHARITY ORGANIZATIONS: I cannot guarantee this for every instance, but in many cases, I will design charity/community sites for free or a major discount to support them. Please contact me so I can check on availability!

Work around your vision!

Using platforms like embedded Google Calendars or Pixlr E editing, I can bring your vision to life. Want something specific like real-time editing pages that can each be modified by a specific store in your franchise? No problem! All they need to know is how to use a Word Processor with my methods!


I trust you'll love my sites, so I don't require pre-payments or a deposit for design services! If you don't love the initial design, I'll make it right or you don't have to buy the site at all!

Google Analytics!

Google Sites are integrated with Google Analytics. You will be able to view site analytics to learn about your users through your Google Account!

You're the future designer!

While I get you started and can manage major customizations, I teach you skills such as

  • Modifying text

  • Adding images

  • Making new pages

  • Viewing your Google Forms responses (if applicable)

... all included with your web design fee! Never hire a web designer to edit a paragraph here and there again!

Optimized for all devices!

My sites look great on mobile and desktop! They might look different, of course, but I create workarounds for screen resolution issues so your site performs its best no matter the device!

Turnaround time!

Due to my experience with site design on Google Sites, I can design your site in a fraction of the time a WordPress designer might take! My times are dependent on my current jobs and school... as a teenager, I have to stay on top of my high school courses! However, because I can design sites in only a few hours of work, I can usually work around the time you need.

Color and Font Design Tips!

Sites I work on are sent to Sallie Brooks to check on your theme colors and fonts. While I may not have the eye of an artist (and you may not either), she certainly does. She will ensure your site's color combos go together and your fonts fit your brand and design style. This design assistance is already included in the price you pay. Need total brand color redos and font choices for outside of the site too? We can help with that as well!

Note: Sites including e-commerce or monetization via automated advertisements (Google AdSense, Microsoft Advertising, etc.) cannot be completed on Google Sites. If your e-commerce site is an external site, that will work fine as we can simply link to it from your main site. To make a full self-managed e-commerce site, go to Square under my business management category.