Here are some commonly asked questions about my yardwork:

How many clients do you have?

I have 9 clients.

What are your prices?

I charge $12/hr for general yardwork like leaf raking or planting.

Mowing prices are distinguished by the mow rather than by the hour, and depend strongly on size of land, terrain, client needs, and if the client has a mower ready for use.

All pricing is flexible! Just let me know if you think my pricing is too high!

Is it true that you donate a portion of your proceeds to a nonprofit?

It sure is! I donate 10% from every job to a nonprofit organization I run known as Williamsburg Area Thirst Project! We work to raise money for and awareness about the global water crisis in and around the Williamsburg area. Our team gives the funds to our parent organization Thirst Project who uses 100% of funds to build wells around the world, currently in eSwatini! Please ask me about WA Thirst Project if you have any questions; I’d love to give you more information! Or you can check out their website under the links tab!

What jobs can you do?

So far, my yardwork jobs have been the following:

-Raking and bagging leaves

-Planting flowers

-Transplanting a variety of small vegetation

-Trimming bushes

-Mowing, weed-eating, and blowing

-Moving firewood

-Re-landscaping a mailbox

-Laying stepping stones


-Weeding flower beds

-And more! Just ask about the job you need done!

Can I get a reference to make sure you do good work?

Sure! Let me know on the Contact form and I'll ask someone I work for to contact you.

Like my yardwork? Check out some examples of my work or contact me now!!